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Originally Posted by slayed23 View Post
I will use the James' hair comment for example. It is obvious to me (any anyone else really) that Billy is just trying to be funny. How that can be determined as narcissistic is beyond me.

2nd, people have been complaining about his showing his kid on instagram. Not sure how that is any different than any other celebrity or non-celebrity doing the exact same thing. People overuse instagram. Doesn't mean they are bad people.

Egotistical? Absolutely. Narcissistic? Hardly.
fwiw, i posted that i saw no link between the hair comment and narcissism. so on that, wow, we agree.

as for posting pictures of children online, it depends on how the person does it. a narcissist will use their own children to boost their false image that they project to the world. "I'm a good father", "I'm responsible", "I'm caring and nurturing", etc. in a very similar way, this cherry-picked example does not support a NPD diagnosis.

however, you are forgetting or purposefully omitting 30 years of public fallouts, blame shifting, egocentric tendencies, emotionally reactive behavior, impulsivity, child-like behavior, inability to apologize (sincerely), and his own admission of a false self used to protect his, also self-admitted, overly traumatized inner child.

he's a narc. why you feel a need to defend that is beyond me.

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