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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
there's a curious scene in the same episode in Ben's office where he is trying to convince Audrey to enter Miss Twin Peaks but she leaves to follow Billy Zane to the airport. Ben stoops down in defeat and then something causes him to turn around quickly and react with shock or surprise. We are never shown what is happening in this scene.

Immediately following this, Pete is in the lobby of the Great Northern standing in front of a fire, and he is reciting impromptu poetry to a painting over the mantle, "Josie, I see your face..." He then continues staring at the same spot on the wall as Audrey moves him towards the door in order to use his truck, and he waves to it as they exit. Interesting that Josie was actually not that far from where Pete was, being trapped in the doorknob and all. And fire = Bob obviously, who shows himself to Cooper right after Josie dies.
There were plans to show Josie as being trapped halfway in the real world (head in the doorknob) and in the lodge (Joan Chen body double), but Lynch nixed the angle. Linky

I forgot what was up with the arm tremors, but I think Bob might have been testing out hosts.

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