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Originally Posted by FlamingGlobes View Post
Don't know the band, but I enjoyed reading that. Seriously man. Start a blog, I'll read it.

I especially loved this part. Sounds like goddamn paradise.

I fucking hate the crowds in America. Every man for himself, I'll stand in front of everyone even if I'm super fucking tall, I'm drunk and everyone's gonna know it, don't get in my way or we are fighting, oh my god I love [radio song] so much, so I'm only going to cheer for [radio song], I'm going to shout inappropriate things at the band during the quiet parts, go "WOOOOOO!" during the quiet parts so everyone knows I'm having a good time, record the whole thing through my smartphone, take selfies with my friends using the flash, spilling my beer all over the floor, starting a moshpit in an area where everyone is just chilling out and enjoying the show and I'm a dude who has to take his shirt off at concerts. Just because.

I've been to three shows in the last two years, and this shit is a big part of why.
thanks a lot for the kind words man, i appreciate it
and actually everyone else who said kind stuff about my ramblings in the past few days, if you're reading this. i will definitely look into starting a blog soon. i mean i'm not doing it for cash rewards, got nothing to lose, right?

anyway yeah, i really do feel like i was lucky to attend such a concert, crowd wise.
even when i saw Sun Kil Moon earlier this year (which was an awful concert, sorry koz i luv you but you were pretty bad) there was some western guy going "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey" every time the band stopped playing.

tbh it was worth it only to read cork soaker's cracks about it later, as he hilariously found that funny, but during the concert i wanted to pipe that guy in the throat. wait that sounds like a euphemism for sucking my dick or something. i mean like, take a metal pipe and fuck his shit up with it. wait that sounds like anal rape with a metal pipe. oh well i'll take it.

i really do wish people would go to concerts to actually listen to the music they love and pay tribute to the artist they care for and NOT HOLD A CELLPHONE TO HIS FACE all night long but you know.

i was such a dumbass to miss The Fall in Tokyo when i travelled there. i procrastinated on prepurchasing a ticket and then they got insanely pricey so i couldn't afford it anymore

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