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Originally Posted by Dogfighter28 View Post
oh i see y'all are on budget bytes. i make a number of things from her blog all the time. particularly the italian sausage and crushed pea pasta, and those curried chickpeas.

may i also suggest the stone soup as a minimalist cooking blog
i made a big pot of the creamy tomato spinach pasta last night. except with mushrooms instead of spinach. really good, and for like $5 I made like 7 servings. i also ordered some bento-box type freezer/fridge/microwave safe containers to make my own kind of frozen meals from leftovers that i can pop from freezer to microwave. going to try to always have 5 or so in there ready to go, plus some breakfast bowls.

Originally Posted by yo soy el mejor View Post
reprise is the only one who has said she uses recipes from that site. y'all.

lots of those sites bastardize ethic food, so i tend to avoid them. mexican food is already inexpensive to make, but it can be very involved, which is what i think you all are trying to avoid.

what you call minimalist, i call lazy and a housewife calls quick week-night meals. i can be lazy, though.
yeah, i've no problem with being a lazy cook.

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