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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
Fuzzy, there are violent shooting games played all over the world. If they caused gun violence, it would be everywhere. There have been A LOT of studies done about this. Only in fucking America are people more worried about virtual guns causing violence than real guns.

No, the problem is the gun availability. These mass shooters aren't getting guns on the black market, they are getting them themselves legally or stealing/borrowing them from people who got them legally.

There is no other statistic that shows any correlation besides number of guns.
Well gun availability hasn't changed in America. It's been the same for decades and decades... But it's only been recently that we've seen these maniacs going on rampages... Something has to have changed.

Bill Maher was talking about this on his recent show this week... He thinks it has to do a lot with how doctors are prescribing psychotropic drugs to children into adulthood... These people never have a chance to be "normal"... An interesting idea nonetheless.

Either way, you can't deny the stunning increase of these events... So there's definitely something culturally that needs to be addressed and examined. It's not fair to put all the blames on the weaponry itself.

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