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Originally Posted by sppunk View Post
Franklins is really good but not worth those lines now. J Mueller's short-lived return trumped it, esp his ribs. Mmmmmhmmmmm.
i'm pretty much primarily consumed with finding good hamburgers and tex-mex...bbq is just not something that i really quest for.

but the franklin's thing is a serious problem, it seems like so many people here have just moved here. so they act like verything they go to has been there forever when in reality most of it has been hera about five years and all the stuff i fucking remember has closed down or become compromised it seems like the economy recovering means that we're getting even more fresh faced tourists coming to be young and retired every day and tbh a lot of them now aren't even the hip kids that want to be here to be hip. it's like they're just boring middle americans that come here because it's so cool and they saw about it on the teevee but they just live in the suburbs and go to ihop anyway

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