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Originally Posted by yo soy el mejor View Post
you think the cows and chickens that makeup the beef and chicken you eat are cuddled to death?
farms in NZ are almost all pasture because the annual rainfall supports that, and we eat a lot of sheep, that are well suited to the climate and terrain. They wouldn't enjoy being cuddled except by their mothers and they're free to do that until they're separated which is a horrible day to see them all, crying out for each other. but they get over it - they're not that bright.

Cows are a bit different though. And chickens....have you ever had chickens? We kept them for a while and they were pretty easy - better as egg producers than as meat. Same with cows - better as milk producers than meat producers, as far as returns go - but only in small scale quantities...intensive dairy farming creates a lot of pollution. In my opinion. A lot of egg producers down this way are switched over to free range practices to keep up with market demand, though it's far cheaper and easier just to get your own chickens IMO.

I get the feeling a lot of people here have not spent a lot of time on actual farms or butchery units to get up close and personal with what they're eating. They just pick it up at the supermarket and get the rage whenever somebody tries to educate them a little. calm down already!!

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