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Originally Posted by Elphenor View Post
Chances are that guy knows a fuckton more about the art of cinema than you and is really passionate about it.
First of all, i don't know thatt he did and that's part of the problem. Most people on there weren't exactly ignorant about films so the implication that he was all so much more knowledgeable and unique for his tastes than anyone else was insulting.

To be honest for a second there but for the grace of whatever it could have been me. I could have been that guy. I saw myself heading down that road. I do watch shitloads fo films yearly, the only channels i subscribe to on cable are all movie channels pretty much (which actually kinda suck cause they overall show a library of maybe 400 films voer and over aside from some like TCM i guess but they repeat their library eventually too) and i really dug deep. I have like 5000 pirated films burned on dvds and would have lots more if i hadn't stopped myself many years ago.. I was that fucking guy. But i never interjected into every fucking conversation (that was often not AT ALL about movies) to let everyone know how much i KNOW about this or that film and directors and genres and what fucking not. That's people in need of attention. He wanted the validation of eveyrone else for his interests and his tastes. His only point was to wow us with his knowledge and insight. Its was purely narcissistic, not interested in exchange really except maybe to "one up" people. It was the very worst in hipster mindset.

I mean how can you not see people like this are annoying as fuck?

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