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Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
I am a film major, my class was rotten with film hipsters.
I was once on a hipster music forum, this one guy would find any opportunity to talk about movies and i mean any and he would launch into these super long college type essays about them when nobody had even asked and every film he mentioned he would put the year of release in between parentheses. Mainly because he really wanted to let us know he rarely watched any post 1970 films. Oh wow, you're so special and unique, we are such plebes, pre 80s oh my god what is that? Black and white? eww.... What is this you say? nouvelle vague? film noir? wow that sounds so sophisticated, i never heard of these terms and have never watched any such film in my life! you are so special, please educate me more you know SO much....

That's hipsters, oh i have non mainstream tastes and i am so unique! No there's million of people like you. they just don't all make a thing of it and think it makes them more interesting or think it defines their identity

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