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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
anyway yeah, i really do feel like i was lucky to attend such a concert, crowd wise.
even when i saw Sun Kil Moon earlier this year (which was an awful concert, sorry koz i luv you but you were pretty bad) there was some western guy going "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey" every time the band stopped playing.
yeah i saw him with Jesu half a year ago or so. it wasn't good. everything about it was just too long. too drawn out. every song was too long and the whole concert was i think over 3 hours. the sound was shit. he really lost all sense of quality control.

i think i posted about it before.

having said that, i actually enjoy the new album. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone not familiar with SKM though, it suffers from all those things. much to my surprise i do enjoy most of it.

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