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Originally Posted by Disco King View Post

Thinking about the theory of post-materialism, it almost seems like a society-level version of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. You probably know more about this than I do, but my understanding is that psychologists don't find a lot of empirical support for the idea that humans pursue goals according to Maslow's ranking, correct?
no, none of those theories have a lot of empirical support. really they are ways to frame life in general, in the aggregate. i'm very much into the ways humans are the same more than how they are different (as is evo psych's wont), and I think some personality theories or theories of development (such as piaget with sensory/pre-operational etc) have some measure of truth to them but everyone is just too different - or perhaps, everyone's circumstances are just too different

for example some people will thrive artistically or spiritually in in the worst situations, in that way they may reach self-actualization without even having their basic physiological needs met. for example on a religious-based hunger strike, or in a concentration camp, etc. and plenty of people have relatedness needs met without being financially secure. but i do think, as a general guideline, it has worth

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