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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
for some reason my parents let me watch Twin Peaks when I was in fifth grade. I remember it was on Bravo channel in like '99 or so. I think most of the sexual violence stuff was over my head, but I was obsessed with it. I got my parents to rent Fire Walk With Me from Blockbuster and we watched it together and it was like
similar I was allowed to watch it when it aired, I was def. too young, if I had to guess I "understood" maybe 10% of it? Never rewatched FWWM after seeing it in the theaters back then (because I was utterly terrified) and didn't watch Missing Pieces because somehow I assumed it might ruin my ridiculous love for Twin Peaks.

For whatever braindead kid reason Joan Chen was a bird to me. A literal bird. I thought she was leading a double life, as bird on these trees, watching the others, and as Josie Packard.

Specifically this bird

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