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Originally Posted by myosis View Post
i think this is exactly the problem... you're willing to kiss her yet you're not invested enough to want to see her again tomorrow or the day after, it's just another one of those things you need to overcalculate.
what is a girl to do?
are you into her or not?
maybe the answer is no.
It's not about not being invested, it's about being a busy working student who can't afford the time to really see any particular person every single day of the week. I've got assignments. I've got shifts. I've got engagements with friends. Even if I can see you in a couple of days, maybe that specific day doesn't work for her. Instead, she's free tomorrow, but I'm not free tomorrow. My next available opening is next week, but the specific day next week doesn't work for her. Before you know it, it's been two weeks between dates. The people I see are also usually busy working students. This is just how it goes for me. I have no idea how people are able to organize their schedules so that they are seeing a particular person, like, every other day.

I still try to communicate my availability. I respond to all texts and never ghost anyone, despite getting ghosted quite a bit myself. Once I set a date, I rarely flake. I think I'm holding up my end of the investment thing more than most people I see are.

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