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He closed his eyes and tugged on one of D'Arcy's bracelets. It snapped, and James opened his eyes to find that he had pulled off a black bracelet. Jimmy gasped and Billy said, "Ooh, yeah, you guys gotta get it on." D'Arcy pulled off her clothing, running a finger across her breasts. James's penis hardened again, and he ripped off his clothing, put on a condom, and began to fuck D'Arcy full-force. D'Arcy played with her breasts, moaning in absolute orgasmic bliss.
"Oooh... ohhhhh gawd, James.... ohhhhh fuck me up, James, fuck me up!!" She bucked her hips to match James, and soon the couple was breathing heavily, their moans getting louder with each thrust.
"OHHH!! OH FUCK, JAMES, OOOHHHH!!!" D'Arcy screamed in pleasure.
"Oh God, yesss..." James sighed. He exited D'Arcy and pulled off his condom, masturbating until he shot his juices onto his girlfriend's stomach. James then licked her stomach, giving him a taste of himself. D'Arcy moaned as she rubbed her clitoris. Her legs shook from the pleasure. James kissed up and down her body, making her moan even louder.
Meanwhile, Billy and Jimmy masturbated to the sex scene going on in front of them. Billy whimpered out of pure ecstasy as he reached his second orgasm that night. Jimmy sighed with relief as he reached his orgasm.

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