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James shook his head and crawled into Billy's lap, wrapping the singer's arms around him and settling in comfortably.

Billy rested back against the sofa behind him and breathed in deeply, inhaling the warm, slightly spicy scent surrounding James.

"Ever since I first held you in my arms like this. You remember?" he continued.

"Yeah," James mumbled. "I had just finished crying like a baby for about a half hour in your arms. Sorry about that."

"Don't be. If I hadn't held you all night then, I might not be holding you now. I'm grateful for every moment we were together like that."

James snuggled in closer and entwined his fingers with Billy's. They stayed like that for a while, simply sitting there and listening to each other's steady breathing and the crackling of the candles burning.

"Now what do you want to do?" asked Billy.

"Why don't you kiss me this time and we'll see where that takes us." James asked, shifting around and tilting his head back to look Billy in the face.

"I think I like that idea." said Billy as he bent down to kiss James' soft lips, parting them slightly with his tongue and timidly seeking entrance to James' mouth. The guitarist eagerly complied and Billy slipped his tongue inside to explore and taste the inside of James' mouth. After what seemed like and eternity, they broke apart out of the need for breath. James' eyes, now almost black with passion and need, bore into Billy's and in a breathy whisper he asked, "How do you feel about me taking off all of your clothes and you taking off mine and seeing where that takes us?"

Billy smiled and in an equally breathy whisper replied, "I think I like that suggestion even better than the first."

"Then it's settled." said James before squirming out of Billy's lap and lifting Billy's shirt up enough to slip his hands underneath to explore the soft, pale skin beneath.

Billy leaned back against the couch and tried to help James with the shirt. But James simply caught his hands and gave them a kiss.

"No no no. Let me take care of this."

Billy nodded and James continued his slow tracing of Billy's stomach and chest with his fingers. Finally he tugged the shirt up and over Billy's head, exposing him to the candle warmed air and James' intent gaze.

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