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For almost 8 years, I have been coming to this site to obtain information and unite w/ fellow fans who share the same interest as me, which is the Pumpkins. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinion and thats part of life. However, sometimes I really wish I didn't addict myself to THIS site b/c there are some here who just don't THINK w/in terms of reality; are constantly making hypocritical remarks; love interrogating others and try drawing attention to yourselves by not allowing others to share/show appreciation for this band.

First, I'm a 23 year old who has been following this band since Gish. Nothing would mean more to me than have the originals James/D'arcy along for this reunion. But honestly, even from way back when, we always knew Billy & Jimmy were the driving force behind the band. On that note, some of you need to realize that its the music that should always come 1st, and not the image (which is mainly all I can get from some fans' arguments.) Think about it, most of yall probably are into some other band out there, who has succeeded and is highly appreciated regardless of changes to their original members. (i.e. Pearl Jam, RHCP, Foo Fighters, QOTSA). Now, I know I know, some will say, well thats why we always rathered the Pumpkins. Well, sorry guys and gals, its 2007 and you need to get over it. Geez, its been 7 years and sorry guys, but times are a bit different out there in the music world and in life. I mean, some of you guys are probably/will be divorced to your first wife. A band is no different. However, I have always viewed the Pumpkins as a soundtrack of my life, I dont care whether Billy wears a dress, shaves his head, or bangs Courtney Love. Alternative Rock music is not meant to be superficial like this. And sorry, but if we all were as talented as Billy and Jimmy, we would be dicks too against members who don't play/contribute to their potential or w/ enthusiam and to fans that constantly bash every move Billy makes. For instance, sorry to inform you guys, but myspace IS the new way for music. Ask every kid in highschool and college. Anyway, I think SP will always lose some fans, and then gain some more. And don't go by and say its b/c of previous album sales that they suck, b/c we are the few fans in all of music who still buys CD's anyway.

BUT what really grinds my gears, is the hypocracy of this site. Everyone on this site seems to care for Adore, but yet it was ok when there was NO Jimmy. Whenever Zwan came out, many said this was somewhat going to be the next Smashing Pumpkins. Alot of you criticized James CD and his b-side contributions to SP, but all of the sudden now he is God and SP is nothing w/o him. Some of yall want Billy to dress like its 1991 again, and sorry, hes older and not a indie rocker anymore. Face it, times have changed and music changed and life changed, but our dedication to this band should NOT be changing. After listening to these MP3's and Videos from Paris, I feel that finally Billy & Jimmy have what they been wanting, which is to rock their heart out , especially w/ musicians who actually seem to care to play music alongside the two best musicians of our generation. They feel honored I bet. I know everyone here wished they were them right now.

More importantly, we all know or should have reason to know why Smashing Pumpkins broke up in the 1st place, and quit frankly, as much as James is cool looking and an original member, he somewhat started all this nonsense. I just hope some of you sit down and think w/in reality (year 2007) and think before you bash the next 10 year old who relates to SP's music the same way we did and is willing to learn about SP in order to ditch those crappy bands to follow the masters, or even, the other die-hard fan from the early 90's, who has given up time from work, school, kids, etc.. to talk a lil talk about the excitement surrounding their all-time favorite band. Seriously, its called respect and dignity. Its not like everyone here shares your opinions and quite frankly, I think many of you guys just have attention problems.

If your not into the current Pumpkins anymore, you just need to leave this site, or for some of you, get out of the house and make some new friends. I come here everyday, yet I never post, to find great information from other diehard fans, but I have to read between the posts between stupid comments that are just a waste of time to either laugh or be pissed about. But its all of our forum, not just mine and not just yours either. Life could be hell of alot worst than not having James and D'arcy back in the band doing the same thing Jeff and Ginger are doing, but with LESS ENTHUSIASM. I'm not trying to start anything cause this is just my opinion, and everyone else is entitled to there own. All Im saying is we should embrace the future (yes I said it), and not worry so much about the past, cause that is what destroyed all of our hopes of pumpkins lasting forever in the first place. If you cannot take that and would rather SP be another Journey-style band stuck in their time with their mid-life-crisis fans, then fine. I would rather see the Smashing Pumpkins be that band that could defy not only one, but hopefully two generations of youth and adults.

YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF BEING A PUMPKINS FAN. And some of those who say you aren't one anymore, are straight up lying your ass off, cause the second pumpkins are everywhere and there is no time to bitch about shit anymore, then yall will be on the bandwagon again too, w/ the rest of us!! Otherwise, then some of you MUST grow up, let it go, get a job, do something besides bash Billy and Jimmy and move on with your lives. Hell, come down here and help us rebuild New Orleans. We could use some extra help. If need be, try starting a bigger and better band or tell Billy and Jimmy how you feel to their face as true fans. I wouldn't want to piss Jimmy off though.

In sum, I just want to express how a die-hard, non-newbie, patient, and quiet fan really has been feeling the past few years. Sorry if I offended anyone b/c that is not my intent at all.

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