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Mankind is psychopathic.

Yesterday someone sent me pictures of Darigold farms and how they treat milking cows. Disgusting. appaling. distressing, all those words. I can't even enjoy dairy anymore. I've slowly become near vegetarian and now it looks like i'm gonna be done with dairy. Sure the odds are the milk I buy is from ethical farms but who knows for sure anymore? I can't put money into this. It's hard enough living with myself everyday.

The thing is all vegan fake dairy sucks. I can't even enjoy alternative milks. Rice, soy, almond. They suck and are expensive. I guess i'm gonna drink water, eat fruits and vegetables and grains like a goddam hippie. Ignorance really is bliss.

How do people doing these jobs live with themselves? I hope they have long and painful deaths. Fuck making a living , it's not worth this. If I was down to a job like this, i'd rather throw myself off a bridge.

Well why do I give a shit, we're on our last leg as a species. Our end can't come fast enough.

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