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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
it's like a game of how many blatantly incorrect things can you say in one post
Video game culture is fucking HUGE... It's one form of physical media that is still growing and doing business like gangbusters... You look at the majority of the top bought games? It's all of these violent shooting massacre titles. I don't think children and teenagers should be spending the majority of their time fantasizing about shit like this, do you?

It's cancerous... And I know it's "unhip" to blame video games, but really... Most adults aren't even aware of these games that children and teens are playing... It's INCREDIBLY violent and ever increasingly lifelike.

I'm telling you guys, you ban these video games and there would be a dip in these violent nightmares... You have kids sitting there all day long in front of their monitors and TV screens blasting peoples brains out... You don't think it's gonna reach their mind when they reach a breaking point and figure they have nothing left to lose?

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