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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
Good god, what's wrong with this generation of people? When I was a kid you'd never hear about this kind of shit happening. I do think the gun laws in America need some tweaking. At the same time, it's far too much of a hassle to get your gun license in Canada, while all the criminals easily obtain them on the black market. It would be nice to see a middle ground found in the United States.

But still, there was never such mass violence in the decades before. I really do think this is a cultural problem that needs to be examined. These lifelike video games where you go on shooting rampages all day can't be good for impressionable disturbed children and teens... I really think they outta be banned.

I used to work at a video game department and parents were always buying their little children the most violent shooting games... It was unbelievable to me, really.
i don't think video games are the problem. i'm kind of scared a mass shooting "trend" has started and now all the disturbed kids who were considering it will be pushed into it by what they hear about it.

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