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Originally Posted by smashingjj View Post
The Illuminati, sure. Evil, shady people. Probably lizard men trying to install their New World Order in order to take over our planet.

As probable as that sounds,it might just be that the actions that he is so 'transparently' busy with, that criminalizes big groups of people, making normal, working people seem suspicious, causing them to feel (even) more alienated. Someone might snap and try to kill the guy.
There's no way that anyone would be able to get to him with all the secret service surrounding him at all times. If anyone kills him, it'll be an inside job.

But just give the guy a chance. If he knows anything, it's how to get the economy booming,and that'll be good for everyone. The markets are already surging under a Trump presidency.

Again: It's only been 2 weeks.

And Poots is right, I'm sensing a lot of sour grapes from the left.

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