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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
Liberals have a very hard battle ahead of them. At this point, liberals drastically outnumber conservatives in the US, yet the GOP is dominating politically because while the Dems were busy fucking shit up, the GOP has slowly reordered the entire system to favor themselves and keep their party solvent despite having far, far less support.

If districts were drawn by independent bodies and not the ruling party in state legislatures, the GOP would be absolutely fucked overnight.

You're way too entrenched in the political labels to have a clear understanding of what's really going on.

There's the recent study that claimed Hillary got over 800,000 illegal votes. Snopes tried to claim it false, which I agree with for the number is much higher (its just what they're willing to admit to at this time), but they twisted themselves in pretzel logic to say the actual number according to the original study was zero.

The mere fact the Darpa enterprise known as Google puts Snopes at the top of these fact finding endeavors is all you should need to know about the manipulation of this type of news, but I digress.

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