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Originally Posted by Catherine Wheel View Post
The things that I have been saying are just things people here don't want to accept. No one likes to have a mirror held up to them. You're twisting my words around. I'm here to help. I'm enlightened and I want people here to be enlightened too. That's all that this is about. People here need to stop fighting what I am offering. Stop acting like it's a bad thing and that I am some poisonous person. Is the Myers-Briggs a bad thing? Is the Enneagram a bad thing?
your pitch kinda blows, but I volunteered to take your test the last time, so why not, I'm in the market for choosing some guidance.

could you please fill out this form so I can sort my options and make an informed decision?


family/relationship/kids status:

education since high school:

fulltime employments of the past 5 years:

current occupation:


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