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I'm also in the "Zeitgeist isn't totally awful" camp. It has some good tunes.

It's just that, there is so much better music out there to listen to, there's no real point spinning it. And even if I feel like listening to Pumpkins, there is so much better Pumpkins music to listen to. Like, why listen to Zeitgeist when I could listen to Machina?

I know nothing of production, so I don't know how to critique that, but something about the album sounds a little "off." Like, some of the songs that feel like they should be high-energy bangers don't sound high-energy and feel like they are missing something that is keeping it from hitting that sweet spot. Like, I wanna really like "Doomsday Clock" and "United States," but there's something not quite there about them.

I actually had no problem with the "Corgan Chorus" and thought "Bleeding the Orchid" was pretty good.

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