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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
there are actually very few SP2 songs I would say this about. They generally sound better live, but I wouldn't say most of them sounded "good," haha.

Hearing Panopticon when they first played it in fall 2011 or whatever got me excited in a way I have not been since, for sure, after accepting Billy is literally a terrible, terrible producer and will ruin anything in the studio even if it's a great song
Fair enough

One of my friends saw them in 2011 in Boston. I remember him calling me after the show screaming, "they're back dude. These new songs sound like Silverfuck or Geek U.S.A." That actually reignited my interest in TbK/Oceania a little. Then, Quasar ended up being my least favorite SP song of all time.

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