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i think i have an ear infection in my right ear. my ear tube is definitely clogged and upon gentle exploratory use of an ear swab it seems like there is some mucus escaping. i don't think it's ear wax and there was some today even though i cleaned it out two days ago. obviously i'm not pushing hard in my ear, don't want to lodge shit in further, but my other ear has no earwax at all or any kind of gunk. i would say i have about 25% hearing in my right ear right now. enough to not be able to hear shit if someone is talking directly on the right side of me.

luckily i do have one refill left of ear drops, hopefully it will clear it up otherwise the next chapter of the unending sinus problems causing deafness may be upon us. i haven't had any problems since my ear tubes were replaced in aug or sept last year - the longest i've been problem free in a long time. one benefit of going to grad school will be getting away of the florida pollen that causes me such woe

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