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Originally Posted by Sigma
Some people prefer the more natural sound of vinyl and some like the sound of digital better.
I don't think anyone really prefers the sound of digital if both are in premo condition with excellent mastering and fine equipment, the vinyl will sound quantitatively better. The CD could only reproduce an approximation of the signal the vinyl produces (and by signal i just mean sound), and an approximation can never be better than the original.
However, the advantage to CDs is the convenience. CDs have, in general, excellent sound quality; in most systems/situations, you couldn't tell the difference between CD and vinyl. But CDs, when handled properly, will not degrade in quality each time you listen. And frankly, you don't have to handle them as carefully. And they are smaller, you don't have to flip them over have way through the album, you can skip tracks, etc. The advantage to CDs is convenience, not sound quality.
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