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I chose that moment because the university she works at was in the national news recently and i thought i'd send her a message.
It does sound like it was good timing to contact her. My best friend went through a few Skype interviews in the past and she got a job in a law firm in NYC because of one. And I mean, she literally just scheduled her interview in between classes and sat alone in one of those breakout rooms for 45 minutes. I got the impression that as long as you wear good clothes, brush your hair and are generally a pleasant person that is enough because they don't give you an interview unless they liked your resumé anyway. The interview is just to make sure you're not a total weirdo in person, I think. Your case is not even about a job necessarily, so I wouldn't worry too much about it especially since she's family. I think it's important to have a connection like that, they might really help you in the future. All about the networking.

I don't know how old you are but I finished my undergrad later than average but my professors knew I was committed and interested and I felt they "believed" in me. I went from a no name state university in the US to the #13 in the world in my area for grad school and that's because I had recommendation letters from professors who were Princeton, Georgetown and Columbia alumni. I don't necessarily believe in these rankings, but it's the kind of stuff that fills my parents with pride and validates me or something.

I am very inconsistent at communicating, my FB wall is blocked, the only emails I reply within 24 hours are school or career related. My family sends me messages all day on WhatsApp and I really can't deal and they get angry. I text every other day and skype once every two weeks and that is good for me but for them it's like I'm the ungrateful evil daughter. My sister is a goddamn doctor and talks to them on the phone every day, which probably shoots down any of my "I'm busy!" excuses. I have like 5 friends who I actually care to check up on, so that isn't overbearing.

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