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thankfully my best friend doesn't use skype or any other form of social media so i don't have to go checking a bunch of different areas of the web for messages. we do a lot of emailing because i know no one wants to look at their phone while they're at work.

our emails almost read like texts, though. like, the other day i sent her a link to a free streaming movie online (Rec - iz really good!) and asked her what shape frames look best on my head since she saw me most often in glasses.

she used to write faithfully to a guy in jail (one she knew - not some pen pal from online) and their letters were soooo long. she'd always let me read them and his penmanship and prison art were impressive.

i occasionally write letters to my family when a phone call won't do. sometimes i want to express myself beyond the ''this is how i'm doing right now. how are you?''.

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