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Originally Posted by he/she/it View Post
I think I'm that poster, but I made no suggestions of my own about it, all I did was quote Butch Vig.

Butch Vig said, "the intro for Today took a LOT of takes to get the perfect sound and feel". That sounds to me like he's making a point about the number of times Billy had to retry it.
I meant Trev just a couple of posts above me, not you.
Anyway, yes, Billy apparently took a lot of takes. And that could mean 30 minutes at most due to trying different things and discussing it. There's not enough variations of ways to try it that there's anything in hour 2 Billy would be doing that could be different than hour 1, much less hour 12.

Since I'd heard straight from the source that most of that time was spent on equipment setup, I figured I'd share.

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