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Originally Posted by bright_doom View Post
So over the last month I've been going on an AFI nostolgia binge and they're way better than what I thought I remembered them as back in 2008. I mean yeah, obviously, nothing screams mid noughties emo like these guys. But keeping true to Corgan tradition, every album is it's own little unique island onto itself, heartfelt powerful somewhat feminine vocals that I can totally get into without feeling awkward, and yeah, I'm not ashamed to admit I do love a bit of melodic punk on a Tuesday night They even have a handful of new wave & electronic songs that are pretty solid.
This tour announcement was the first time I ever heard of AFI, not sure if I slept through their time or if they never made it in Europe.
They are not part of the lineup for the Chicago gig of this tour, would they be a significant boost for ticket sales? I have no idea, and I wonder if it would make a difference because that venue has a capacity of 28k and already started making sure that it's not 70% empty by dropping hundreds of free tickets, in early April no less.

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