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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
i really struggle to justify therapists as intellectual labor that's worth the amount of money they charge
i can understand this, however you're discounting the time they put in outside of your billable therapy hour writing notes, plus they pay rent, a biller, income tax, etc.

if a therapist has 25 sessions a week and gets 100/hr (which is a bit optimistic), that's 2500 a week = 10,000 a month. that's 120,000 a year. minus taxes, rent, a biller, malpractice insurance, having to pay for continuing education. and Master's clinicians will never get $100/hr, this is as an established PhD

and remember they went to college for 5-8 years after undergraduate. even if you shove in 32 hours, that's 3200 = 12800 a month x 12 = 153,600. they might end up with 100k max. that's a lot of money but that's max after probably 20 years as a private practice therapist. i don't think it's unreasonable really.

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