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Right... Because the only/proper way to judge whether an artist is good or not is if they've had a HiT SoNg In Da ChArTz... Obviously... Let's Dance..
You clearly need to actually read the post of mine with which you quoted while trying to goof on me. I said nothing of the sort regarding that a hit song being a metric with which to judge whether an artist is good or not.

I pointed out that Bowie saw and subsequently took advantage of an opportunity to collaborate with John Lennon and got a popular song out of it that so happened to reach #1. I went on to point out the fact that despite "Fame" being a co-write with two other people didn't diminish David Bowie's contributions to it or his integrity as a songwriter. In fact, it only increased public awareness of Bowie as an artist (signified by "Fame" being a hit song).

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