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Originally Posted by Dade View Post
oh for fuck sake you are such a cry baby rider

let's point out a few reality bytes-

1. IF you do in fact have "everything" zwan related, then clearly YOU are capable of distributing them however you see fit, anonymously or given to someone you trust who can do the work for you.. maybe if you weren't such a goddamn prick most of the time you might have better trusting relationships with multiple people who DO have the skills, time and desire to properly circulate these things?

2. blaming monty, or internet strangers (you the know, those pesky people you've never met who are just "demanding assholes" right?) - makes zero sense.. you poor bastard, i can't imagine the burden of having all these supposed shows that everyone is demanding and you simply "getting nothing" out of it.. i have to assume you mean some type of gratification? probably a plush red carpet with a few blow jobs even..

3. cease and desist letters aside, you know the game well enough to cover your tracks and i highly doubt anyone from the SP camp is going to raid your house and ruin your life for letting out a few good quality zwan shows that would be completely legal to upload on the archive or zomb anyway

the primary thing i'm trying to point out here is that you feeling unappreciated by a few idiots online shouldn't cancel out the people who DID appreciate the effort you put forth at one're just making excuses and if you're not going to participate in centralizing everything at some point then would you kindly shut the fuck up about your elitist "complete" zwan collection? all the time you waste being a crybaby on this message board could have been spent uploading a show or two no?

don't be so sour, regardless of what you have or upload there will always be people who would thank you- including myself!
Simple fact I'm tired of doing free work for assholes who bitch up a storm about everything and tired of doing free PR work for a man who has repeatedly threatened me legally.

Everything I have was distributed freely for years on the hub. If these items are no longer in circulation I'm not the one to blame.

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