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Originally Posted by barden View Post
Anyway, is this you? Based on the write up I am very curious, mostly cause i am working on a project that seems very similar down here.

"The first side is from EM newcomer Jon Scott Dennis, when i first heard these tracks i was utterly blown away by the sparse and compelling sounds coming from this guy. These tracks play like a bleak landscape from an old western film, terrestrial sounds and textures invoking the loneliness and subtle hallucinations of a peyote healer wandering the desert."
yea that's me. i just realized that the majority of the source material on that tape was finished one year ago today.

thanks for the interest. i'm currently sitting on/mixing a bunch of new material that i need to sit down and upload/compile someday soon.

anyway i posted a link to my side of that split tape you quoted somewhere in this thread if you didn't see it already. new tape out before fall (hopefully).

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