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Funeral and Neon Bible are definitely better than suburbs and as albums are arguably perfect. Even when he sobs AND I DON WANALIV IN AMURICA NO MO i just giggle a bit yet remain firmly rooting for their odd gospel punk, their old-timey stomp n pomp about the living room scrappiness, throughout

But suburbs does something to my heart/butt that the others don't. It's like puro liquid nostalgia dropper'd mL a time down my earholes, conjures mad images growing up very slowly on a deadend street in a crummy whiteflight strip mall

Whereas, tbh, they started to lose me at reflektor; felt like a band spinning itself out of ideas/identity

And now everything now which is the actual sound of arcade fire evaporating into disparate molecules in an ocean of plain/cold oatmeal universes

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