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Originally Posted by Disco King View Post

So, with the girl I saw a couple weeks back that I ended up really liking, she kinda stopped responding after a while. She then finally sent a message saying that she's been going through a bad depressive episode lately, and it's been preventing her from carrying conversations with people. She said that she feels intimidated because she thinks I'm "really funny and cute" and seem "really great," and that this meant there was more pressure on her "not to let [me] down."

It's kinda funny, because it's usually me feeling insecure and like I'll end up disappointing whomever I'm seeing when they get close enough to me to see I'm a boring loser.

I let her know that I'd like to see her again, but that I'm totally understanding if she feels she needs to take some personal time, and that I'll be accessible whenever she wants to get back in contact. I also let her know that I identify with her concerns, also struggling with depression and social anxiety, and that I'm the last person that she has to worry about "letting down."
that's really, really sweet

relevant mazzy star song:


your lack of success seems a bit weird to me, considering you seem to be very considerate and doing, at least what i think (not that i know anything), are the right things

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