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Originally Posted by Funbags View Post
He just says something about him and Jimmy thinking better musicians than og SP would mean a better band, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

Taking what he said as a slight against James is willfully misconstruing the context to goad people into shitting on Boz.
I haven't watched this particular video, but it's not like Corgan hasn't shit on Iha before. Didn't be complain about the guitar parts Iha wrote for "Set the Ray" as being incessant and repetitive or something? As if something needs to be a melodically complex solo to complete a song. There's also him talking about how he felt hurt that Iha didn't ask him for help or talk to him all that much about his first solo record, and with a complete lack of self-awareness, mentioned that the album probably would have been better with his own input.

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