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i hate most of both machina's. many of the songs go on forever without going anywhere in particular. I'm kind of fascinated with how bad it has its bright spots I'll admit but they're never as bright as the bright spots from before.

my pitchfork style rating of all the songs (no one care) :

the everlasting gaze 6
raindrops 6
stand inside your love 6
I of the mourning 6
the sacred and profane 3
try 2
heavy metal machine 0
this time 5
imploding voice 2
glass and the ghost children 7
wound 5
mercury tree 3
with every light 4
blue skies bring tears 6
age of innocence 7

glass theme 7
cash car star 4
dross 7
real love 3
go 1
lmgtwty 3
innosense 2
home 2
bobt version 2
Whyte spider 5
in my body 7
if there is a god 2
la deux machina 1
atom bomb 7

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