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Originally Posted by Shallowed View Post
This video finally convinced me to watch the series

I ended up watching all five episodes last night. Probably the best thing about the show is how faithful to reality (as far as we know it) it is, while still being relatively simple enough for laypeople to understand what happened, how it happened, and why. Before I watched the show, I did a bit of reading and video watching about the disaster, but couldn't understand most of it. Afterwards, I could read the same material with a far better general comprehension for it. The portrayal is so close to the source material that it's almost like a script or a storyboard. I liked a lot how the show focussed on the themes of lies, cover-ups and corruption, which helped to fill a lot of gaps in my knowledge on the decisions that led to the conditions setting the disaster in motion.

The British accents bugged me for a while, and I do wish that they had hired East European actors instead, but the show was more than engaging enough for me to disregard it. I'm a sucker for well-cast shows, and I'd much rather watch a historical drama where the artistic liberties are taken in the accents as opposed to the portrayal of the events.

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