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So, the date I went on tonight was pretty amazing. We sat and talked for a good long while after finishing our meals, and I got the feeling that she was eager to prolong my company as I was hers. We went to a cafe she had suggested, and which I had never been too. It was a nice space. She paid for my meal, because she said she owed me because she had to cancel on me last time, but her message didn't send, and I didn't know until I was almost at the destination. Not that I was even upset by this when it happened, can't blame her for technology. I told her she didn't have to pay, but she insisted, so I bought the desert.

Drove me home, too. Since we talked about our mutual enjoyment of mind-fucky movies, she said that we should watch a "weird movie" next time.

Weirdly, after a little while of not going on many dates, suddenly, I've got quite a few lined up at once. One Friday. One (maybe two, if this other person gets back to me, but I'm doubting she's interested) next week. And a couple of other people who have expressed interest in going, but no specific spacetime coordinates have been established.

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