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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
I'd be more keen to agree with you if you're talking about from like Teargarden and on. But a lot of the 90's stuff is abstract in a really cool way. I mean Zero kicks major ass and one could argue that it "doesn't make any sense".
That's what I was saying earlier, how can you argue that abstract is ok from the 90s but not ok from Teargarden on? Why the double standard?

On top of it, that argument only points out the exact thing I'm saying in regards to the lack of growth shown by Billy as a songwriter. He wonders why what worked in the 90s isn't working now and maybe it's because people are smarter now and want songs with substance and meaning and not songs with lyrical gibberish that he vomited out in the back room of studio before he went to record the vocals.

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