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Originally Posted by Jelly Blossom View Post
So based on this statement, you'd be perfectly fine if songs featured scat vocals in place of lyrics.

That's my point here, only replace "a little more lyrical meat" with "a lot more lyrical meat".

And for the record, I don't think Billy has the talent to write quality lyrics. A good line or verse here or there, maybe even enough to scrap together a good lyric for a full song occasionally but definitely not for a full album.
No, I mean for me personally; if the lyrics aren't outright cringe-worthy and are delivered in an emotional way that fits the music then it doesn't really matter to me if they're not the most "deep" lyrics or if they're kind of lacking in substance. Take a song like Jump from Van Halen, it's great and fun, but the lyrics aren't any better than the chorus of One and All or the verses of Anti-Hero.

For me, I kinda like a lot of the steam of consciousness lyrics because they allow me to form my own interpretation based on my own experience.

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