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Originally Posted by Poots View Post
My neighbor was like "I hope it's not a Muslim that did it you know. That wouldn't be helpful" and I was like "of course it's a Muslim, you don't even have to check up on it, you know this is some Islamic terrorist thing again" and she's like "maybe, but let's wait until all the facts are in"

Of course, she's the same person that immediately pronounces judgement on every cop killing of black people calling it "an execution" then when some video comes out of the person waving a gun at the cops she tries to explain it away, like "how did it get to this? What did the cops do to him that made him start waving a pistol around at them?"

I'll try to engage her in conversation today and see if she'll call the driver of the truck "mentally ill, not really an ISIS person, this is all being blown out of proportion again, attack on Muslims, we're racist for even recognizing he's a Muslim"


Islam has quite a few believers of that religion stuck in the 7th century and they all need to get with the times. This is also what makes Muslim's an easy scapegoat (from a western perspective) to blame a religious war on, duherrrr, I mean 'war on terror'. Great, we've declared war on an emotion and the false flags are war on emotions.

This Nice attack seems to share the same high level psy-op and sophistication as 9/11 and the Boston Bombing because of the outside conditions. Aurora and Sandy Hook by contrast, had crime scenes which were never made public in the S.H. case and took years for official photo's for the Aurora theater shooting to be published, which ironically proved there was no shooting at all. But I digress...

I smelled false flag when the initial news report I heard mentioned the driver was shouting "Allahu Akbar", virtual code for "A FALSE FLAG WE NEED TO BLAME MUSLIMS ON". Usually what happens in this instance is you'll get some kind of tie in with the CIA (aside from seeding ISIS itself) or Mossad, so, here is this interesting tidbit which covers the media side of the manipulation:

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