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16 is the same age I started doing stuff alone, too. I went to a play on my own because I had to write a review for drama class, and enjoyed being alone so much, it actually became my preference.

Scariest movie I ever saw on my own was Ju-On: The Grudge...I was way too stoned for that.

But I used to go to cafes mainly on my own. It was much nicer then, in some ways, because people smoked inside, and nobody had phones or laptops. So it was common to see people reading newspapers and books, and smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. I felt comfortable smoking at least two cigarettes at the table, for every coffee I bought. So that filled in a good half hour, of just thinking, ruminating, dreaming, scribbling, etc. I could order a second, smoke another couple of cigarettes, and drinking plain espressos cost around $2.50/ cup, so it was a cheap but irreplaceably pleasant experience, that would break up an otherwise shitty and gruelling day. Cafes feel weird to me now, like they're no longer places where people go just to take a break from everything and think about stuff. I guess that could just be my impression. But smokers are a kind of masochistic crowd, I mean you have to be a little masochistic to be a smoker. So already there's this kind of philosophical aspect to a cafe culture dominated by smokers, because they're in a headspace where they consider life to be about more than just maintaining peak physical health. There was a nice kind of lack of pretense to it all.

Now everyone's ordering fucking turmeric lattes and kaleslaw and fucking cold drip, and drinking out of these shitty paper cups all the time. And it's just another place that has been taken over by the scourge of society, by which I mean, Health Conscious People with Positive Attitudes (HCPPA). They really have a way of ruining anything good. I haven't visited a decent cafe in about 15 years.

And no, I don't mean SJWs or snowflakes. I just mean people who care for themselves in every way except intellectual development. It's great that you have a 'True Age' ten years younger than your chronological age. But did you know that your ability to contribute to an interesting conversation is also about ten years behind, dickhead? Did you ever think about that?

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