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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
it's not "uncool" at all to go to the movies on your own. i'd even say there's a romantic aspect to it. in fact, it's the one activity that doesn't really make sense to do as a duo, or group. i never got how the all-american stereotype became going to the movies for your first date. you just sit there next to a stranger still, unable to really focus on the movie because you're thinking about how far your arms are and are they touching. and even if you do wanna get in some words, you're disturbing others around you.

on the other hand, going on your own kinda has this romantically dark thing, like you're a travis bickle or a jack nicholson, or even a guy like quentin tarantino who has spent most of his youth in the neighborhood cinema.

i'm making a case for going to the movies here but i rarely actually go, though. the chairs with crusted sweet popcorn gum on them, the tall cunt who will forever sit in front of you, the loud talkers, the inability to pause for a second and go grab a snack/take a piss (on a gamecube ofc, which is within reach, naturally - yet another advantage).

but if you have a quiet, small cinema around your neighborhood, especially one that screens good films, it can be very nice.
this is all true though. I need to see more movies in the theatre on my own

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