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It was self-indulgent, but good self-indulgence, like when you eat all of your birthday cake in one go.

SP2 is self-indulgent too, but not good self-indulgence; like when you shove four bags of crystal meth up your ass and snort coke while engaged in an orgy with under-age transvestites in a seedy motel as your harlem of wives videotape for posterity and pop poppers, not knowing that the cops are parked in the driveway and can see exactly what's going on through the flimsy curtains, leading to your arrest and eventual sexual violation in the slammer at the hands of a group of tattooed, homosexual Venezuelan gang members who simply hate sissy boys and, I quote,"don't take no shit".

Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post
I genuinely think Billy really does want to move on and have his new music accepted for what it is; it must be so hard to be chained to the past like that. Imagine you had done something you just did naturally about 25 years ago, and to this day people are still getting you to do it - you'd want to just move on from it, right?
But why did Billy pander to the masses and reunite the old guard? Because he has no dignity (or money left, allegedly). He must have no confidence in his music anymore.

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