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Originally Posted by NovaFritz View Post
I see. I am curious where this original tracklist came from and how long it has been known. Did they release it recently? Or is it from older materials that had circulated? I swear just a few years ago the Wikipedia entry about the track listing was much more vague.
Essentially, the tracklist on wikipedia has always been wrong.

In the 2000 biography Zero To Sixty by Johnny Rogan, the actual Homegrown tracklist was listed, as per Elliot Mazer, but they were not in the correct order:
Star Of Bethlehem
White Line
Little Wing
Four Walls
Separate Ways

Aside from no Love is a Rose and We Don't Smoke It, and the inclusion of Four Walls (which could be an alternate title to one of those two anyways), this is essentially what we ultimately got, and this information was published twenty years ago. That is why I think this is legit. They also went through a lot of trouble just to gather this specific set of songs, so I'm fairly sure this was the tracklist NY meant to release in 1975.

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