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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
There's this hilarious scene in season 6 with AJ working at Blockbuster video and he and the co-worker are just chatting on the phone, nonchalantly dropping F bombs right in front of the customers. Cracked me up cause it was a spitting image of me and a co-worker when I was younger and when I worked in an electronics department. We'd drop F-bombs at the counter all of the time without even realizing it and one lady even freaked out about it once haha.
where i work we do this all the time. i try not to in front of customers but it slips out sometimes. no one cares at all. other people do it in front of customers all the time. no one cares, never heard a complaint. and this is how it's been at any place i've ever worked. the only people who don't curse constantly are (some of) the minors

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