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her interactions with Tony are pretty good, from a psychology standpoint. obviously they have a compromised relationship from the start since he can't be honest with her... which, i won't go any further with this because of spoilers. it wouldn't work irl because of that but they do address this in the show in some way in the later seasons. but just as a generally client/therapist push-pull thing it's not a bad representation. the one thing that DOES REALLY IRK me is that she is actually a psychiatrist and not a psychologist, yet she is in an office with no medical equipment whatsoever, and the series treats her as a psychologist. so either she's a psychiatrist who practices therapy, which is rare but does happen, who has no medical equipment and orders no tests ever (not even a scale in her office), or she's a psychologist who can prescribe medicine, which only is allowed in a few states with special training, and NJ is not one of them. and at the time of the show i don't think there were any states

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