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Originally Posted by Quiet CD
Another reason to run Mac OS X, an operating system with a major point release every year and a half or so.... also an extremely nice interface that doesn't require such an intense graphic card. Windows is resource hungry as it is, i would imagine microsoft would have only tried to alleviate this problem instead of making it more significant. A 7 year old machine still meets the OS X requirements, I can't even guess what kind of percentage of Windows running machines will not be capable to upgrade to Vista (SP4? SP5?).

From Apple:

Kind of funny because it doesn't mention Intel processors (I only assume because all Mactel machines already have the newest OS X).

Ummm so having to pay more money every 6 months for a point upgrade that ads minor features is a plus.

You could consider SP 1 and 2 to be point releases that microsoft gave away for free.

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